CryptoControl  CryptoControl (Crypto Trading & News)

CryptoControl is a leading news aggregator and also implying its presence in the crypto trading niche with its trading terminal. The CCIO token is a token that you can earn and use within the platform.

CCIO token information:

  • Ticker: CCIO
  • Token type: Security token
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total supply: 100,000,000
  • Supply offered: 1,000,000

CryptoControl STO information:

  • STO stage: Main Sale
  • STO start date: 01 Jan 2019
  • STO end date: 30 Nov 2019
  • Token price: 0.001 USD

CCIO token investment features:

  • Regular payouts:

    25% of CryptoControl's revenue from subscriptions is being paid to CCIO holders on a monthly basis. Dividends are paid in form od ETH or TUSD

  • Buy-back option:

    CCIO tokens also get burnt (reducing the supply of all tokens) when they are used to pay for a terminal subscription, which means the % of dividends a long-term token holder will receive will increase (as the supply decreases)

Legal information and regulations:

      Incorporated entity information:

      • Country of registration: India
      • Country of residence: India
      • Name: NewsGate Pvt Ltd
      • Legal address:
        Workloft, Nahur, Mumbai