Denver to Use a Blockchain Voting System in May Elections

Wilfred Michael 

Wilfred Michael

News reporter

08 March 2019,
Denver to Use a Blockchain Voting System in May Elections

Denver, a U.S City in the state of Colorado will allow a special set of electorates to cast their ballots for the upcoming municipal election through their smartphones.

Announced Thursday, the Denver Elections Division partnered with blockchain-voting startup Voatz, a non-profit organization, Tusk Philanthropies, and the U.S National Cybersecurity Center to roll out the solution.

The blockchain-based app targets Denver citizens who otherwise would have found it difficult to cast their votes during the election namely: “active-duty military, their eligible dependents and overseas voters.”

These set of people would have to fill an absentee ballot request and complete an authentication process on the app to stand the chance of casting their ballots through the platform during the period of election (March 27-May 7).

The release notes that embracing this form of e-voting allows the masses to participate in the election without having to spend a lot of time on printing and scanning paperwork in the traditional way. It will also afford overseas voters the chance to verify whether the Denver Elections Division recorded their ballots.

Sharing her thoughts about the latest adoption of blockchain technology for the upcoming elections, Jocelyn Bucaro, the Deputy Director of Elections at Denver Clerk preferred to focus on the future possibilities on offer. She said,

"We believe this technology has the potential to make voting easier and more secure not only for our active duty military and overseas citizens but also for voters with disabilities, who could potentially vote independently and privately using their phones' assistive technology."

The use of a blockchain technology-based voting system is known to foster secure and accurate results, ease of use, vote anonymity, transparency and faster collation of result.

Interestingly, e-voting is only one of the multiple applications of blockchain technology discovered across several industries globally. reported the trial of the technology for cargo shipping in Russia and another possible adoption by SWIFT for faster payments settlement.


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