Israeli Man, Afek Zard Indicted for $9 Million Dash Crypto Theft

Wilfred Michael 

Wilfred Michael

News reporter

21 April 2019,
Israeli Man, Afek Zard Indicted for $9 Million Dash Crypto Theft

According to a report by local news agency News1, victim Alexei Yaromenko has filed an indictment against, Afek Zard, his roommate who allegedly stole 74.990.74 DASH (appr. $9 million) from his crypto wallet.

Afek Zarad reportedly started investing in cryptocurrencies as far back as 2013 and was responsible for teaching his roommate Yaromenko how to trade the new assets, before the alleged theft.

Nature of the Crime

As per the report, Zarad had access to Yaromenko's apartment given that they were roommates. However, Yaromenko did not know that Zarad could somehow access his crypto wallets if he were away.

The allegedly stolen units of Dash cryptocurrency, thus, was in his wallet until March 1, the day when Zarad and maybe with help from a few others made away with it.

Arad reportedly stole Yaromenko's crypto wallet credentials from his computer in his absence and moved the cryptocurrencies to four different crypto wallets. During the period of the alleged theft, Dash was worth roughly $82.5 per unit with the stolen 74.990.74 Dash representing 0.85% of the total circulating supply of the cryptocurrency.


For making away with that large volume of cryptocurrency, the indictment notice filed by Yaromenko's lawyer, Giora Hazan accused Yaromenko of theft under aggravated circumstances, money laundering and tampering with the victim's computer to commit an offence.

In a similar crypto crime report last month, confirmed that the Japanese Police arrested an 18-year-old who stole roughly $135,000 worth of cryptocurrency.

The theft, however, was not from an individual but a crypto wallet provider and subsequently led to the closure of the firm before the arrest of the youngster who claimed that he felt as he was ‘playing a computer game.’


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