Swiss Stock Exchange May Issue Its Token

Wilfred Michael 

Wilfred Michael

News reporter

06 May 2019,
Swiss Stock Exchange May Issue Its Token

With tokenization gradually become a norm for fintech companies, Switzerland-based Six Swiss Exchange has revealed plans to launch its token in the next few years.

In a recent interview with Finnews, Thomas Zeeb, a top executive at the stock exchange which boasts an over $1 trillion market cap revealed the road map for token issuance as well as other plans for involvement with digital assets.

First, the top official confirmed that plans to launch a fully digital exchange are still ongoing with a pilot stage set for this summer and first services going live in early 2020. One of the new services then will include the launch of new tokens and an initial digital offering service, likely referring to security token issuances.

Explaining the nature of tokens that the Six Swiss Exchange could roll-out on the platform, Zeeb confirmed that it could either be tokenized structured products such as real estate funds or the exchange’s token.

He, however, preferred to deliberate on the hurdles that token issuers must clear to get listed on the exchange’s portal. Specifically, he asserted that projects “can’t just do an ICO whitepaper, hype it up a little bit, and then launch.”

The Six Swiss Exchange will according to him set up an infrastructure that ensures the maintenance of existing rules around assets and at the same time, guarantees investor protection.

On the future of tokenized securities, the official expressed believe that the new method of issuance may eventually replace traditional shares because of the increased flexibility that it offers to companies.

Meanwhile, as has reported previously, the Six Swiss Exchange is not the only major stock exchange seeking involvement with the emerging cryptocurrency industry. Others such as the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSE), London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the Stock of Exchange of Thailand (SET) have also made similar inroads.


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