U.S FBI Investigating QuadrigaCX Case

Wilfred Michael 

Wilfred Michael

News reporter

04 June 2019,
U.S FBI Investigating QuadrigaCX Case

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in collaboration with other government agencies announced on Monday that it had opened investigations into the activities of now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCX.

The Canada-based exchange dominated news headlines at the start of the year for bizarre reasons, namely, the death of its CEO Gerald Colten who allegedly was the only person who had access to the company’s cold wallets.

With millions of dollars belonging to users in different countries still stuck on the exchange, since the ugly incident, the FBI investigation looks to gain insight into the activities of the exchange by gathering information from users.

Noting that contributions should only come from victims, the FBI released a questionnaire that could help the efforts to find out what happened to QuadrigaCX.

Among other things, the FBI asked users to provide information such as:

  • Their usernames on the exchange

  • The type of documents they submitted for identity verification if any

  • The approximate balance they had on QuadrigaCX as at the end of January 2019

  • The date for their last withdrawal or deposit on the exchange and whether they received bank statements or similar information for transactions.

  • Deposit and hot wallet addresses used on the exchange.

  • Whether the user deposited money on their QuadrigaCX account using a U.S based financial institution.

As Stmarket.co reported earlier, the U.S FBI is not the only governmental body attracted by Quadriga’s misfortune.

Following the incident, financial regulators in Canada released proposed regulations to govern the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges operating within its jurisdiction, although Kraken kicked against some of those rules in its comments a few weeks back.


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