Robbers Unsuccessful With Raid on a Birmingham Bitcoin ATM

Wilfred Michael 

Wilfred Michael

News reporter

18 July 2019,
Robbers Unsuccessful With Raid on a Birmingham Bitcoin ATM

A group of three masked men failed to succeed after attempting to rob a Birmingham-based Bitcoin ATM according to a Daily Mail report, today July 18.

Sharing footage of the failed operation, the report shows that the unknown thieves targeted the Bitcoin ATM located in Sparkhill, Birmingham, and operated by a local business called Shitcoins Club.

However, after gaining access to the business premises, a loud alarm that went off as the thieves tried to invade the machine to steal cash stored in it. That public uproar drew the attention of the public, forcing the thieves to panic and exit the scene with their already waiting car.

Happily, Adam Gramowski, CEO of the business confirmed to Daily Mail that the robbers were unable to steal any cash from the premises. He also explained that the thieves were after cash instead of cryptocurrency, especially given that they attempted to use a rope rip the Bitcoin ATM off the wall and drag it behind the car.

“There are no BTC [Bitcoin] in the machine, they are being sent directly from our server,” he added

For the interim, an officer from the West Midlands Police reportedly confirmed the ugly incidence, and although the culprits haven’t been booked, an investigation into the strange attack is ongoing.

Moving away from Birmingham, recently reported that the Spanish Police had expressed concerns regarding how Bitcoin ATMs could facilitate and enhance global money laundering.

The authorities alleged that the scheme provided justification for large amounts of cash to be deposited in bank accounts in Spain and abroad without raising red flags, and called on global authorities to pay attention to the emergence of Bitcoin ATMs.

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