Austrian Man Attacked; Forced to Transfer Cryptocurrency

Wilfred Michael 

Wilfred Michael

News reporter

26 July 2019,
Austrian Man Attacked; Forced to Transfer Cryptocurrency

We are used to reading reports of tech-savvy hackers stealing cryptocurrencies from crypto exchanges or designing lucrative Ponzi schemes to swipe their victim’s crypto wallet balance.

In recent times, however, those efforts are no longer restricted to the internet, with non-cyber criminals apparently aware of how valuable cryptocurrencies are right now.

One of such offline crypto theft according to an Austrian news outlet OOE, recently took place in Wels, Austria as unidentified persons attacked a 30-year-old man in his office late at night.

Reportedly armed with a pistol and a rubber truncheon, they demanded money and cryptocurrencies from their victim. The man who was at gunpoint had to give them the cash at his disposal and also transfer cryptocurrencies to them from his computer.

Although the report did not mention the amount of cash or cryptocurrency that the man gave to the criminals, it may be safe to assume that it was sizeable enough to make them tie him up and leave him inside his car.

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old man labouriously freed himself from the bondage before reporting the incident to authorities who are now investigating the ugly incident.

As mentioned earlier, offline crypto theft is on the increase. 

Last week, reported that three masked men raided a Bitcoin ATM in Birmingham, although their operation was unsuccessful as they never made away with any cash of cryptocurrency.

Back in April, Joel Ortiz, a 21-year old student of the Boston High School was handed a ten-year jail term for using sim-swapping to steal cryptocurrencies worth roughly $7.5 million.


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