Top 3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges that comply with KYC/AML regulations

Alexander Orlov 

Alexander Orlov

26 July 2019,
Top 3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges that comply with KYC/AML regulations

In its short history, the cryptocurrency industry has been the victim of several cyber-attacks and scams, which have dampened the enthusiasm many had for this digital revolution.

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs worked with different governments in order to enact legislation which would regulate and protect the industry in the future. Whilst these public-private partnerships continue, you can already enjoy some of the results, such as regulated exchanges.

Here we list the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges as analysed by website



As one of the largest exchanges in the world as well as the largest Bitcoin broker, Coinbase is a well-known platform across the world. It is available in practically all countries where crypto is legal and allows both fiat-to-crypto, as well as crypto-to-crypto exchanges.

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Coinbase has the necessary licenses to carry out money-based transactions, including in the US, UK, and EU. In fact, it is registered as a Money Service Business (MSB) with the US FINCEN. More recently, the company acquired an e-money institution license from the UK's FCA.

Although the platform's digital currency services are not regulated, simply because no regulation currently exists, the company mimics best-practices in the financial industry to keep its users and transactions safe.

New enrollments require KYC documentation, which includes photo ID and address verification. The platform also implements 2FA to secure user logins, similar to a traditional bank account.

In order to keep its funds safe, Coinbase stores over 98% of coins in cold storage. It also has insurance which covers any losses in cases of hacks, unauthorized transfers or other security breaches.

You can use Coinbase and its supplementary products, Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Wallet, to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and a host of other currencies, knowing that you are dealing with a regulated and safe platform.



Based in the UK, CEX offers a host of trading options to both new and experienced traders.

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The platform allows the quick purchase of coins with the use of debit and credit cards, facilitating the process for newbies to get their hands on crypto. At the same time, the platform is popular amongst advanced traders since it features margin trading.

Registered in 2013, the platform is licensed to carry out money based transactions across the globe. It is registered as an MSB with the US FINCEN and is also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in the UK. In order to maintain its high standing as a reputable and regulated exchange platform, CEX implements a range of security, KYC/AML, and anti-fraud policies.

Trading options on the platform include fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto transactions. Apart from card payments, users can also transfer digital currency from their crypto wallets or carry out bank transfers for fiat currency.

There is no minimum deposit required to start trading with CEX, and although the exchange might not accept smaller cryptocurrencies, it does welcome the main, including Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. CEX is available to users in most countries worldwide, and registration is fast and simple.



Especially popular amongst newbie cryptocurrency traders, EXMO boasts a user-friendly interface which is second to none.

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Within a few steps, new users can register their account and buy currency without needing any prior experience. To make things even simpler, the exchange accepts payments by card, as well as bank transfers, and a host of other options.

Based in the UK, EXMO is one of the largest exchanges in Europe and has been operating since 2013. The company behind the platform is EXMO Finance LLP, which is duly registered with the UK Company House.

As with the other exchanges on this list, the exchange upholds the strictest adherence to KYC/AML policies in order to safeguard its users and funds. At the same time, the registration process is kept simple, with clear, and concise instructions which are ideal for the non-techy users.

EXMO offers an impressive range of cryptocurrencies, including lesser-known options such as Dogecoin and Waves. These, together with primary currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, can be traded easily on the online or mobile platform. Fees vary considerably, and it might be cheaper to make first deposits through another exchange and then transfer the funds.

As one of a handful of exchanges which have never been hacked, EXMO boasts a significant achievement in the industry. In order to maintain this accolade, the exchange continues to develop and enhance its security features for the benefit of its users.

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