Craig Wright to Pay $73,000 in Legal Fees for Losing Libel Claims Vs. Roger Ver

Wilfred Michael 

Wilfred Michael

News reporter

01 August 2019,
Craig Wright to Pay $73,000 in Legal Fees for Losing Libel Claims Vs. Roger Ver

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor, Craig Wright has lost one of the several libel lawsuits that he filed against members of the crypto community whom he claimed damaged his reputation by labeling him as 'fraud.'

In a court ruling by High Court Judge Sir Matthew Nicklin on July 31, the lawsuit filed by Craig Wright against Bitcoin Cash pioneer, Roger Ver was described as both 'weak' and 'inappropriate.'

On the issue of reputation, Judge Nicklin stated that lawyers representing Craig Wright could not provide enough evidence to back “the global reputation he enjoys and, more particularly, the extent to which it has been damaged.”

The ruling also suggested that Craig Wright's lawsuit falls under the category of 'libel tourism' where a plaintiff seeks to receive damages by filing complaints in a jurisdiction that would likely favor them.

Since the claimant in the case, Roger Ver, is Japanese, the filing concluded that a U.K court might not have clearly been 'the most appropriate place,” to rule on the matter.

Meanwhile, throwing the matter out of court also meant that Craig Wright had to pay legal fees to the claimant, Roger Ver, who subsequently confirmed the development.

Ver told Decrypt, that Wright had to pay him £60,000 ($73,000) for the legal fees too, while a respondent from the self-made Bitcoin inventor defensively claimed the case was “only thrown out because of jurisdiction, not the content.”

In another lawsuit involving Craig Wright, reported in July that a lawyer found evidence showing he had presented false documents for court defense. This separate lawsuit filed in February 2018, alleges that Wright stole hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin (appr. $5 billion) from now deceased Bitcoin developer, David Kleiman.

Craig Wright also has pending libel lawsuits against Bitcoin podcaster, Peter McCormack. crypto news site, Chepicap and Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin.


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