Uruguay Digital Party Adopts Blockchain for Democratic Processes

Wilfred Michael 

Wilfred Michael

News reporter

04 October 2019,
Uruguay Digital Party Adopts Blockchain for Democratic Processes

Uruguay Digital Party (UDP) a political party in the South American country, Uruguay has adopted blockchain technology to improve its democratic processes according to a Thursday press release by Aeternity Blockchain.

Per the announcement, the UDP will use Aeternity’s blockchain to optimize the participation citizens in internal voting, while at the same time building a new system in which citizens, and members of the party, in particular, can participate in a decentralized manner in the political decisions of their community.

Specifically, the UDP’s partnership with the Aeternity will see the blockchain project develop a decentralized application (dApp) built on a supposed "liquid democracy" model that will allow the party to “create a secure and transparent database.”

The dApp will also make it possible for citizens to participate in the decision-making process of the party anonymously, thus encouraging greater participation from the electorate.

Pablo Coirolo, CEO of Aeternity Americas, further highlighted the benefits of the new partnership, acknowledging in the release that the new tool will “enforce greater participation of citizens in political decisions at all levels” and also introduce “unalterable reliability.”

Similarly, Justin Graside, the party’s Candidate to the Representative Legislative Body, said:

“We want to put technology at the service of Uruguayans to add participation and transparency to decision making. We believe that the benefits granted by blockchain in terms of security and decentralization [.....] offer Uruguayans a solution according to our expectations.”

Records show that the UDP, founded in 2013 as the political party which will bring the digital era to the political sphere of Uruguay, is not the only country where blockchain could soon be tested for adoption in the electoral process.

Back in February, Stmarket.co reported that a South Korean political party was working towards adopting blockchain technology, while U.S Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang recently promised to introduce blockchain-based voting if he comes off victorious at the polls next year.


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