Coinspectator Crypto News Aggregator Review

Arguably, there is no industry generating a lot of buzz at this moment than the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. There is always something interesting to read about from different countries as the new invention goes into the mainstream and the fun isn’t going to stop soon!

We at understand how vital it is for you, our dear readers to get market-moving news as soon as they happen. Therefore we do our best to keep you updated. But the fact that our news and articles focus on regulatory actions in the industry means that you will likely need an alternative to catch all the other gists.


Is there an all-in-one platform to use for this purpose?

Well, CoinSpectator prides itself as a cryptocurrency news aggregator that enables traders, investors, and enthusiasts to monitor thousands of industry news sources in real-time. From this point onwards, we will review some of the main features of CoinSpectator.

CoinSpectator Overview

The CoinSpectator homepage is user-optimized and easy to navigate even for someone who is visiting for the first time. After loading the website on your browser, you are likely to find up to ten crypto news headlines from different sites on the “Latest News” segment while you can quickly scroll down to see other updates.

Filters are hovering just above the news articles list and allow you to switch from the latest to top news, selecting the category of news that you want to read at the moment. Filtering options include:

  • News – general news from news outlets

  • Projects – first hands information from crypto projects

  • Blogs – articles from professional blogs and news outlet’s blog sections

  • Pr articles – press releases

Aggregated news on the website is usually labeled with both grey, green and red smiley faces. The grey smiley denotes a neutral sentiment while green and red faces represent positive and negative news respectively. These options are helpful if you want to stay away from stories that will spoil your mood.

Another nice feature that CoinSpectator has for aggregated news item is that users can decide whether to upvote or downvote an article that has no substantial value to offer you. There is also an option to label stories as either ”Bullish,” ”Bearish,” ”Shilling” or ”FUD.” So, you can rely on these gauges to spend more of your time reading only essential and groundbreaking news items.


CoinSpectator’s ICO Pages

If you love investing in ICOs, then you find it interesting to browse through CoinSpectator’s selection of projects. You can shuffle between hot, active, upcoming and ended offerings or save yourself from fake projects by getting acquainted with their details as provided on CoinSpectator’s red list.

You can find resources about the projects including their website and social media handles from these pages.


What You Can’t Find On CoinSpectator

As much as CoinSpectator provides real-time news around the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, the platform does not have an option for users to get price alerts on their favorite coins. So, if you’re a crypto trader, you may want to consider using another service for this purpose.

Also at the moment, CoinSpectator does not support any language other than English, so if you’re looking to find news reports written in native languages, then you will have to look elsewhere.



CoinSpectator is one of the most visited cryptocurrency news aggregators which gives evidence that it is meeting the needs of the global crypto community. So, the next time you're looking for an index of top crypto and blockchain industry news, then you should consider using Coinspectator’s platform.