FAWS.com Crypto News Aggregator Review

One of the most exciting things about the cryptocurrency industry is that there is so much happening now and then. From a new country regulating the space to Bitcoin prices soaring 10% in a single day to the Bitcoin Cash Hardfork and back to SEC actions against ICOs, there is always a talking point.

As much as you may not be interested in staying on top of all the news and analysis reports, they are what moves the market and what helps traders know when to bet long or short against the coins in their portfolio.

So there is little doubt that for you to thrive in this industry, you need a service that can bring you all the latest news from the top sources in a single place. Well, that is what Faws cryptocurrency aggregator helps you achieve with several options to customize the feed to follow only news and coins that you want to track.


What Can You Do With FAWS?

FAWS is the one-stop site for investors, traders, and enthusiasts who wish to stay on top of what happens in the industry without breaking a sweat.

The service allows you to turn on notifications in real-time so that you can receive breaking news when it happens. You already know how volatile the crypto space can be, so getting information earlier can help you save cash or make wise buying decisions.

Aside from getting news and latest updates, FAWS lets you receive press releases and analysis curated from the best crypto news publications. What is, even more, is that you can customize the site to match your interests and needs.

Another top feature that FAWS offers is the option for you to set alerts around several cryptocurrencies. So you can get price alerts when the coin reaches a certain value in the markets, thus, making your trade more profitable.

FAWS also provides real-time coin prices and performance information on the site’s which means you have all you need in a single place.


Is the FAWS Website Easy to Use?

Absolutely! The FAWS website was developed with user experience at the core, so you can be sure that the interface is easy to navigate. Only a few clicks can take you to all the places you need to go to on the site.

The website menu primarily gives you the option to choose media outlets, news you want to follow, the coins you wish to monitor and the ability to toggle on notifications for any of these items in your portfolio.

So you should have no trouble getting on the site or finding the information you need.


Final Words

FAWS is the preferred crypto news aggregator for most traders, enthusiasts, and spectators because of the multiple features that it offers as a single package.

So the next time you’re looking for where to read up all the latest news going on in the industry or track coin prices, visit the FAWS website and you will not be disappointed.